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Menschen aus aller Welt lieben das Marzipan aus Lübeck. Kaum ein Produkt ist so untrennbar mit der Hansestadt in Schleswig-Holstein verbunden wie die mandelsüße Köstlichkeit. Die Reportage. This Marzipan is a German specialty from the region of Lubeck, although it's believed to have Byzantine origins. This is great for making petit fours, filling chocolates and covering cakes

Lübeck is famous for its marzipan industry. According to local legend, marzipan was first made in Lübeck, possibly in response either to a military siege of the city or a famine year. The story, perhaps apocryphal, is that the town ran out of all food except stored almonds and sugar, which were used to make loaves of marzipan bread So much marzipan! When in Lübeck, one must visit Niederegger, since the town is known for marzipan. The store is huge and offers all sorts of marzipan goodies. There are 2 cafes in the store, upstairs and downstairs. The upstairs cafe was full service; at the center of it is a circular display counter of all the amazing cakes and other baked.

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  1. I then did Order direct from Niederegger Luebeck, Germany 10 Marzipan Scharzbrote of 300 g. each for a total of 68.20 Euro [1 Brot is 6.83 Euro] - shipping to Canada of the 10 was 39.00 Euro - - total was 107.20 Euro / 156.94 Can. Dollars for 3 Kilogram of Marzipan - - - -
  2. Niederegger Marzipan Marzipanerie 182g /6.4oz Specialty from Germany See more NIEDEREGGER LÜBECK MARZIPAN CLASSIC ALMOND CANDY 300 G ! ORIGINAL FROM GERMANY
  3. Lübeck is famous for two things mostly, the Weihnachtsmarkt and its marzipan. So when you are there, don't miss the Niederegger café where there is one ingredient in common in all cakes - marzipan
  4. Lübeck Honey Marzipan (40 g, 100 g, 250 g) Our juicy pure almond paste - aromatic Mediterranean almonds and a gentle honey to sweeten it. Pure or for delicious recipes

Sweet temptation from the marzipan salon. Marzipan's triumphal march began in Lübeck. The factory - still headquartered in Lübeck - was established by Georg Niederegger (1777 - 1856) and is still owned by the Niederegger family. Directly opposite the Town Hall in the heart of the Old Town is the famous Café Niederegger with the marzipan salon Lübeck is famous for its marzipan and from the number of visitors and shoppers in the Niederegger Patisserie in Breite Strasse, it is evident that marzipan is much sought after by visitors to this historical town The Holsten Gate made of Marzipan. Niederegger looks impressive with its eye-catching decorated windows and the stylish cafe, a simple tourist will take it for the Marzipan from Lübeck. Actually, Niederegger Marzipan did never win in my blind contests with friends and family, so I started a Marzipan research, wondering why Lübeck is the world capital of marzipan and Niederegger is the top brand. It's sold worldwide. The Schwarzbrot Marzipan are the small blocks covered in chocolate

It is famous for Lübeck Marzipan. This marzipan has been protected by an EU Council Directive as a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) since 1996. The marzipan manufacturers of Lübeck such as Niederegger, Carstens, Lubeca or Marzipan-Land follow some principles of quality by voluntary commitments, not required by the directive The Marzipan Salon retraces the centuries-long journey of the almond-based speciality from its Oriental origins to the Hanseatic town of Lübeck on the River Trave. It also features twelve life-sized statues of famous marzipan fans from different eras

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  2. In the end it's that which helped Lübeck become the main centre of marzipan in the world.' It's an interesting point, and one worth noting if you're shopping for marzipan souvenirs while travelling. Lübeck Marzipan is officially no more than 30% sugar, while marzipan produced elsewhere may well have a higher proportion. Museum of marzipan
  3. Marzipan Museum in Luebeck - I thought Marzipan was either a famous king or an artist of Mediaeval times, for why else will there be a museum. Turns out Marzipan is a concoction of ground almond and sugar sometimes honey
  4. Niederegger Marzipan Lübeck - Breite Straße 89, 23552 Lübeck - Rated 4.6 based on 2,724 Reviews Gorgeous cakes, lovely marzipan and friendly staff Jump to

Having served up its trademark sweets since 1806, Niederegger immortalises the writer with a marzipan statue in its museum, claiming to this day that as a young boy, Mann was one of their most insatiable customers. To plan your visit to Lübeck, visit luebeck-tourism.de. Hamburg is about an hour's drive southwest of Lübeck Niederegger Marzipan with Classic Irish Coffee in Gift Box 3.5 oz. $6.95 Quick View Niederegger. Niederegger Milk Chocolate Covered Marzipan Loaf 4.4 oz. Images courtesy creative commons, Giam and SteFou. Lübeck is also the home of Niederegger Marzipan, probably the most famous marzipan in the world. If I were to weigh how much of that marzipan I ate during my 23 years in Europe it would probably come close to 893 pounds During the Crusades, European tradesmen brought the specialty to medieval trading hubs in Italy, Spain, Portugal and the Hansa League city of Lübeck. Over the following centuries, Lübeck became the marzipan capital of the world, with its own quality standards for this delicious treat

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